Aquiring Banks

Banks and financial institutions


ACCELERATE have adopted a clear sales strategy. To arrive at quality retailers through its own sales network and with the help of technical partners. The boarding involves coordination of sales and risk sector which enables us to effectively identify future customers. The Risk/Compliance team, after a detailed analysis, decide whether a potential customer is acceptable and which risk management measures are to be implemented by the customer. Only then will sales managers take the further action in order to recommend to the bank an agreement for the merchant.

Fraud on the internet can cause significant financial loss to the merchants and banks. To fight against these threats we offer a system for preventing fraud in real time, where we analyse each individual transaction stopping any transaction that is flagged as high risk.

With more than 120 internal tools our platform offers maximum security in Internet business and complies with all the relevant card industry standards. Which of course, among other things, includes support for the 3D Secure program for MasterCard and Visa cards.

Our customers can use the payment gateway (Platform for Payment) that combines cutting-edge technology, PCI DSS security standards, maximum safety and simplest system to integrate web shops, in order to facilitate electronic commerce. This allows us to be able to respond to various demands of customers, whether through adding payment options to an existing application, acceptance of credit cards on mobile devices or simply improving the capabilities of your online store. We have a solution that will allow you to stay ahead of the others.

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