Services for Internet Merchants.

'Tailored to your sucess'

If you are one of the many people who realise the potential of internet commerce, and want to start out in this business, in addition to your online store you will need a separate agreement with a partner financial institution (usually a bank) to be able to accept cards over the internet. Often this can be a difficult process and the customer can be denied service.
ACCELERATE Ai??can help in this process using our experience to help you find the ideal bank suited specifically to your situation and business.

Our customers can use our payment gateway (Platform for Payment) that combines cutting-edge technology, PCI DSS security standards, maximum safety and the simplest available system to integrate online stores in order to Ai??facilitate electronic commerce.

This allows us to be able to respond to various demands of customers, whether through adding payment options to an existing application, acceptance of credit cards on mobile devices or simply improving the capabilities of your online store. We have a solution that will allow you to stay ahead of the others.


ACCELERATE Ai??believes all merchants need a partner that can protect them from cyber fraud and as every business doesnai??i??t operate the same, the fraud prevention methods should reflect this. Our technology gives the merchant a wide set of tools making them able to customize their fraud setup meeting their exact requirements. This prevents the merchant from rejecting an otherwise friendly transaction but also making it capable of spotting a potentially fraudulent transaction and screening it and even blocking it.

The fraud management system is easily configured in our business rules and risk settings providing merchants with several test possibilities ensuring maximum flow and conversion while keeping you safe from fraud.

At ACCELERATE we understand what you need for a successful internet business. For this reason one of our biggest assets is our industry leading support structure. Providing you and your customers 24/7 Ai??with technical support and system reliability where you and your customers can find solutions to nearly any relevant technical questions.

Support also includes initial training in the use of the ACCELERATEAi??Ai??system and assistance in in the integration of online stores and our Payment Gateway.

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