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Platform as a Service (PAAS)

ACCELERATE’s infrastructure is used to process payment transactions, which is based on the PaaS methodology. This means that our customers are offered access to the most modern platform that meets and exceeds modern standards in payment systems, while also providing maximum performance reliability, availability, scalability and security.

PCI CSS Standards

Our infrastructure for the processing of payment transactions is compatible with the PCIDSS level 1 standards. Using our system of dealers you do not have to go through the lengthy and expensive process of harmonization with the PCIDSS standards. In this way we enable our merchants on the first day to begin processing transactions reliably, safely and efficiently.

Analysis and reports

Our platform provides a secure administrative portal where a merchant can see and track their payment transactions in real-time. The merchant can immediately know if the bank refused authorization or the transaction is rejected because it did not pass the risk management processes. Also, the dealer can perform the recurrence of successful payments, starting the recurring transactions“. These are just some of the features provided through administrative dealer portal. More information can be found in the downloads section of our site.

Contributions and Subscriptions

Depending on the business model, Accelerate can offer payment based on recurring transactions“. An example of this model are: magazine subscriptions, cable and Internet operators, various regular membership fees etc. Our system allows for manual and automatic function for planning recurring payments. Your part is to determine the cycle, the amount and duration of such payment, without re-entering credit card data.

Secure Data Storage

Keeping customers credit card information can help to complete the purchase in the online store. On the other hand, guarding this sensitive data poses a serious risk for the merchant. Accelerate offers their merchants a secure, PCIDSS certified system for storing sensitive information. Tokenization is the concept of replacing payment card numbers or other confidential data with a token’ or a replacement number, which means that merchants do not keep credit card numbers or any other information related to credit card transactions. In this way it reduces the threat of unauthorized access to information, both internally and externally.

Preventing Internet Fraud

Globally ecommerce and mcommerce over the past few years experienced tremendous growth creating new sales channels and payment methods. However, this has lead to increasing threats to companies because their business becomes the target of internet criminals. We are aware of this challenge and understand risk management. In our platform we incorporate internal and external tools to manage risks. We have implemented sophisticated risk control system that can adapt to the individual needs of retailers.

These tools include the maintenance of individual black lists” of customers, using the system check rate” and access to external solutions and using world famous companies such as Red Threat Matrix and many others.

3-D Secure

Adding another layer of protection! Accelrate allows transparent integration of 3D Secure and AMEX SafeKey protection. 3D Secure and SafeKey protects merchants from fraud, increases customer confidence and significantly lowers the cost resulting from the reversal of transactions due to fraud. 3D Secure and SafeKey works by requiring additional authentication of the customer. In order to complete the purchase, a password, a PIN or private information is required that only the cardholder can know. In this way, the merchant is protected from claims for repayment due to fraud or stolen card.

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