Rely on our platform

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Simply the best connections and multiple redundancy

The two primary data centers that are located in two separate locations in London guarantee 99.99% for availability of payments on the platform with instant download and less than a 5 second delay when activating of the system when recovering.

Highest performance and security

A private cloud power pack with more than a thousand application server nodes guarantees high performance and global connectivity. Designed to process millions of transactions per day.

Maximum scalability and flexibility

Innovative cloud technologies (virtualization and load balancing) supports maximum load. Multiple networked private cloud synchronization SAN and Blade infrastructure.

Optimum security for your data.

PCI DSS and ISO certified data center with 24/7 presence of technical professionals and systems for defense against DDoS attacks. Automatic security scanning at each change of the system. Redundant multilayer firewall. Anti-virus detection on each of the interfaces.

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