Risk Management

Securing your transactions

Securing your transactions

ACCELERATE has a very advanced system for risk management, as well as algorithms that can help you spot and prevent fraud on your site, while at the same time not losing potential sales. It offers over 120 different tools to check that you can activate. In addition for merchants with additional security needs we have open channels to world renowned vendors such as Retail Decisions (ReD Shield).


Credit cards are characterized by the application of very high safety standards. Using a special process of identifying users called 3D Secure (Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code) will bring you extra protection for your internet business. The concept of 3D Secure is simple, the customer must enter a password (PIN) when paying by payment card. If a password is not entered the payment will not be processed. Just by using 3D Secure the merchant is protected from complaints.


Black lists and White lists are an important tool in identifying high-risk transactions. They consist of four rules whose implementation helps the security of Internet transactions. Automatic black lists and white lists make it easier to solve the main problems that arise in working with existing customers by verifying the information in the database. This includes the so-called list of 24 hours, which is a powerful solution that blocks suspicious users that employ aggressive methods of trying to “trick the system”. The system recognizes users by IP, email address, payment method, or any other categorization. You are able to create your own list so that certain users are simply added to them.


Systems for checking the speed of transactions make it possible to set a limit on the number of transactions of a payment card in a time interval or a restriction in the number of permitted transactions by the same user. These tools can also limit the allowable amount of payment transactions. All this is achieved by continuous monitoring data, such as IP and email addresses, the number of transactions per user or per IP address and all similar relevant data. Checking the speed of transactions is an essential tool to prevent abuse because it controls all traffic on the payment platform.


Tools for checking Geo location help to prevent internet fraud, in real-time they check a databases containing information on millions of transactions and pulls out useful information about the security of each transaction on your system. Verifing the IP and IP routing (state, city or anonymous proxy) we are able toAi?? combine this data with location data from the BIN’s card and address information on the customer, with the aim of comparing these to get to the data on potentially suspicious transactions and the actual location of the customer. Furthermore this allows us to efficiently observe geographic data, due to the rules that apply in a given region, and due to blocking of certain countries.


Tool for semantic data validation which is part of our system to protect against fraud logical linking data and information with certain conditions, which we define as true or valid. Validation checks may relate to names, email addresses, IP addresses, phone numbers, payment card, banking information (BIN, CVV ) and many others.


Accelerate Payment Gateway is connected to many of the world’s leading systems and bases for combating Internet fraud. This direct access to external vendors, combined with our sophisticated internal tools, makes the platform the most powerful tool for combating Internet fraud.
Some of the data preventions systemsAi?? that are already connected to our platform are: ThreatMetrix, ReD Shield, DATACASH Gatekeeper, Schufa, Telego! creditPass, Deltavista, Intercard, Arvato infoscore and many others.

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